Who is Ruby Francis?

She’s a fashionista.

She’s forever young.

She loves to laugh, but she’s not afraid to cry.

She loves indie-folk by day and synth-pop by night.

She’s sensitive, but doesn’t take shit.

She’s just like me, she’s just like you.

Be bold, be conscious, be authentic, be you!

*Ruby clothing is inspired by vintage fashion, but designed for the modern fashionista. We are heavily influenced by and utilize fashion from past eras, i.e., Early American, 80’s, 90’s, Victorian, Western, and 70’s. By fusing vintage elements with modern styles, we are able to pay homage to fashion history while creating a relevant street style form of ready-to-wear, unique to each individual style niche.

We consciously use vintage deadstock fabrics sourced in the Midwest to create one-of-kind “vintage-made” garments. Our sustainable fashion is hand-constructed in St Louis to fit you and your modern-folk lifestyle.